Friday, April 22, 2011

Rose Cake Attempt....Please no laughing=)

As you remember, I told you a few days ago I was going to attempt this beautiful Rose Cake.

I finally got around to it this week! I baked the layers in the morning so they would be cooled and ready when I laid my boy's down for nap. I figured I had at least 2 hours and that would be enough...........

I learned many things from this little experiment. I will detail it as I post the pics. Remember, this is my first EVER attempt to do anything like this!!

I started with my new decorating set I got for Christmas.

Yes,  I used a box mix. I also bought some buttercream icing from Publix! I know, I am a cheater! See the way Pioneer Woman is starting me down in the background! I did make my own buttercream icing as well, I just wanted a backup in case mine was a flop!

BTW---mine actually tasted better and held up better on the roses. The only problem was, they were 2 different shades of white! It annoyed me, but no one else seemed to notice.

I should have read the part that she poured simple syrup and froze her layers beforehand. Mine were falling apart everywhere! Lesson learned!

A messy, crumby, base icing job. Good thing the roses covered it up

My first attempt!

This is the point when I ran out of icing the 1st time. When she said it used a lot of icing, she wasn't kidding. I used 4 batches and still needed more!

My kitchen is super dark. I need new lighting!!!!! Hence, all my pics are a little dark.

This is the point when the boys woke up from nap. I was also out of icing again.

My roses are not as defined as the original. I have a long way to go! I did have fun and learn alot from this little trial. I will be trying all the tips and the rest of the decorating set soon. All in all, it turned out fine. The cake tasted good, but the icing was SO heavy! I love icing and this was almost too much for me!
I do not see cake decorator as a future career for me, but I loved giving it a try! Happy Easter Weekend to you all!

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