Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Fun

I am working on a post about all my favorite new products and toys I got for Christmas. The NOOKcolor is rocking my world! I am in love with it!

I also got some amazing products, and I can't wait to show them to you!

For now, we are out of town on vacation. Can you guess where we are?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at our Quirky House!

I took some pictures of some of our Christmas decorations this year. I am way into it after missing all the festivities last year! We have added some things, and hopefully will add a tree for the boys next year. I am thinking a tractor theme, but will have to see what all sale ornaments I find after Christmas. My photo quality is not great. It is dreary outside and the lighting is less than perfect. 

I forgot to go upstairs and take a pic of Calee's tree. Y'all don't tell her.
First up, our master bedroom. We have a turquoise/chocolate theme. I also have a remote on these trees and it it my most favorite thing ever!

 Dining room. Green and Brown theme. My mom's creation!

 Family/homemade tree---where I put all the gift ornaments from the kids and others. Sorry this pic is so dark.
 Christmas cards from family and friends!
 Kitchen window and picture frame tree. My favorite tree in the house.
 Our Camo stockings. A tribute to my husband!
 Living room tree. Westerny themed. Most ornaments from when I lived in Texas.
 Elf on a shelf!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A few things about me....

I saw this on a fun blog I read. Thought I would give it a go. It has been brought to my attention that some of you don't know me very well. I think I will do this on my other blog about my baby Cohen!

These are in no order, but I feel the need to number them.

1. I don't sleep well. I am really jealous of those that can lay down and sleep.
2. I am a Tennessee VOL fan. Orange makes me instantly happier.
3. I have 3 kids.
4. I am married and this is my 2nd marriage.
5. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola.
6. I live in Middle Tennessee but grew up in East TN.
7. I also lived in the Panhandle of TX for 6 years.
8. My dream job is to be an editor. Books, magazines, blogs, etc.
9. New York is my favorite big city. If I had visited there before I "grew" up, I would have moved there in a heartbeat.
10. Christmas is my favorite holdiay. My Mom always made it big and special when I was a child.
11. I have 1 brother. He lives far away from me and I hate that.
12. I will be an Aunt in March 2010.
13. I remember strange moments in my life. Like singing along to a song or seeing someone for the first time. I love my memory.
14. Having a preemie and spending months in the hospital changed my heart and soul. As corny as it sounds, I never knew so much before this happened.
15. Accents intrigue me. Irish and Australian especially.
16. The Dentist is not my favorite.
17. We live in a log cabin. All because of its location. It's growing on me.
18. My daughter, Calee, is a real live ballerina. The irony is amazing.
19. I love clothes, purses, accessories, shoes. Very much.
20. TJ Maxx is my favorite store. Maxxinista. haha
21. Food is my favorite hobby. I am a total foodie.
22. Reading is my other favorite hobby.
23. Pumpkin is my ideal baked good flavor.
24. My husband is much more kind and patient than I am.
25. Ames, my middle child, has fire engine red hair. I cried in panic the first time I saw it.
26. I love to cook special meals. I dont love to cook plain regular meals.
27. I know alot about livestock.
28. There is not a day that goes by I don't wonder what my purpose on this earth is. I pray I am fufilling it.
29. I have had a mean boyfriend.
30. I have always wished I was a gifted athlete.
31. My heart has always ached for other people. Even when I was younger.
32. My family is awesome.
33. My 11 year old is proof reading these for me=)
34. I watch too much T.V.
35. Snow days are my favorite. I have spent hours of my life watching for our county to scroll across the screen.
36. I "lost" a friend this year. Not lost as in died, but she just couldnt handle the issues in my life. It makes me sad.
37. I made several amazing friends this year. Maybe more than ever.
38. I think I will stop now.

Thanks for reading. I will continue another day. Maybe.