Sunday, December 12, 2010

A few things about me....

I saw this on a fun blog I read. Thought I would give it a go. It has been brought to my attention that some of you don't know me very well. I think I will do this on my other blog about my baby Cohen!

These are in no order, but I feel the need to number them.

1. I don't sleep well. I am really jealous of those that can lay down and sleep.
2. I am a Tennessee VOL fan. Orange makes me instantly happier.
3. I have 3 kids.
4. I am married and this is my 2nd marriage.
5. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola.
6. I live in Middle Tennessee but grew up in East TN.
7. I also lived in the Panhandle of TX for 6 years.
8. My dream job is to be an editor. Books, magazines, blogs, etc.
9. New York is my favorite big city. If I had visited there before I "grew" up, I would have moved there in a heartbeat.
10. Christmas is my favorite holdiay. My Mom always made it big and special when I was a child.
11. I have 1 brother. He lives far away from me and I hate that.
12. I will be an Aunt in March 2010.
13. I remember strange moments in my life. Like singing along to a song or seeing someone for the first time. I love my memory.
14. Having a preemie and spending months in the hospital changed my heart and soul. As corny as it sounds, I never knew so much before this happened.
15. Accents intrigue me. Irish and Australian especially.
16. The Dentist is not my favorite.
17. We live in a log cabin. All because of its location. It's growing on me.
18. My daughter, Calee, is a real live ballerina. The irony is amazing.
19. I love clothes, purses, accessories, shoes. Very much.
20. TJ Maxx is my favorite store. Maxxinista. haha
21. Food is my favorite hobby. I am a total foodie.
22. Reading is my other favorite hobby.
23. Pumpkin is my ideal baked good flavor.
24. My husband is much more kind and patient than I am.
25. Ames, my middle child, has fire engine red hair. I cried in panic the first time I saw it.
26. I love to cook special meals. I dont love to cook plain regular meals.
27. I know alot about livestock.
28. There is not a day that goes by I don't wonder what my purpose on this earth is. I pray I am fufilling it.
29. I have had a mean boyfriend.
30. I have always wished I was a gifted athlete.
31. My heart has always ached for other people. Even when I was younger.
32. My family is awesome.
33. My 11 year old is proof reading these for me=)
34. I watch too much T.V.
35. Snow days are my favorite. I have spent hours of my life watching for our county to scroll across the screen.
36. I "lost" a friend this year. Not lost as in died, but she just couldnt handle the issues in my life. It makes me sad.
37. I made several amazing friends this year. Maybe more than ever.
38. I think I will stop now.

Thanks for reading. I will continue another day. Maybe.

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