Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here We GO!

Please don't think I flatter myself enough to think my life is oh so fascinating that millions will tune in to my blog. Im just a regular, everyday mom, who along with my husband, is raising 3 kids, with the main goal being to keep them from needing therapy as adults. Or at least, as little therapy as possible.

This year does begin a new adventure for myself and my family that I think will be fun to document. I am becoming a stay at home mom. Sorry to say, but I cringe when I see those words. My mind flashes images to strawberry shortcake standing at the door with fresh squeezed lemondae and warm cookies on a plate. In reality, Im in the car line with a warm can of sprite and a box of questionably fresh raisins to offer my kid when they jump in the car.

Oh.....but how I dream. How I aspire. I have never been much on conforming to who I'm not. As I get older, the more and more I an just me.

One thing this blog will NOT do----leave you feeling inadequate. In fact, many of you will probably walk away from your computer with a renewed since of achievement and thoughts of "Well, at least I am doing better than her." Because I will go ahead and tell you.......I am not the perfect mom, cook, wife, friend, house keeper, diaper changer....I am not the perfect anything.

Thus, this blog is my quest to be part, at least a quarter of what I aspire to be. A wonderful, nurturing, homemade bread baking, baby food making, never run out of toilet paper, toe nail clipping (ewwwww), on time to church, laundry folding, hair brushing, jogging (eek) stroller pushing wife and mom.

A little more background on name is Christin, and I am married to the amazing Justin. We have  kiddos, affectionately known as Khaki (Calee), Ayes (Ames), and CoCo Bean (Cohen). Ages 10, 2, 9 months respectively. We have our hands full. The last year of our lives has been tumulchous, scary, fun and truly full of luck. Through it all we have managed to hang onto our hats, and come out with more love and happiness that I knew possible!