Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at our Quirky House!

I took some pictures of some of our Christmas decorations this year. I am way into it after missing all the festivities last year! We have added some things, and hopefully will add a tree for the boys next year. I am thinking a tractor theme, but will have to see what all sale ornaments I find after Christmas. My photo quality is not great. It is dreary outside and the lighting is less than perfect. 

I forgot to go upstairs and take a pic of Calee's tree. Y'all don't tell her.
First up, our master bedroom. We have a turquoise/chocolate theme. I also have a remote on these trees and it it my most favorite thing ever!

 Dining room. Green and Brown theme. My mom's creation!

 Family/homemade tree---where I put all the gift ornaments from the kids and others. Sorry this pic is so dark.
 Christmas cards from family and friends!
 Kitchen window and picture frame tree. My favorite tree in the house.
 Our Camo stockings. A tribute to my husband!
 Living room tree. Westerny themed. Most ornaments from when I lived in Texas.
 Elf on a shelf!


  1. love it and i see a really good looking card towards the top of the arch...i wonder what wonderful shiny new family that is :)...just for julie :)

  2. love it! i see a wonderful christmas card towards the top of the arch. i bet they are a wonderful shiny new family...just for julie! :)